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Old Metals & Cables can help you with many metal-related matters.

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Collecting old metals

We collect all your old metals. Discover our container and bin service, a solution for every size.

Recycling and separating metals

Efficient cable stripping and sorting, each cable has its own process. The desired result as quickly as possible.

Recycling consultancy

We advise how to optimise waste streams and maximize metal recycling at your company.


We break down your metal waste with the goal of recycling in mind.


All ground metals are re-melted domestically for reuse. More sorting is better for the planet.

Our mission is to help create a greener world by recycling used metals.

100% Recyclable

Did you know that copper and aluminium are 100% renewable metals? They belong to the group of non-ferrous metals.


These metals can be reused in production processes and therefore nothing goes to waste. A clear win-win situation for people and planet!

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