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Metal container service


Turn to OMC for a convenient container service for old metals and cables. We recycle them for you and deposit the total value into your account. A simple and environmentally conscious solution for dealing with old material.

OMC container service

At OMC, we understand the importance of using natural resources efficiently and promoting sustainable living through recycling. Our container service is designed to help you handle old metals and cables responsibly, so that together we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Metal Container Service

We deliver your requested container to the requested location. At OMC, we offer containers in different sizes so that every customer can find the right storage capacity.

As soon as the container is full of scrap metal, you give us a call. We will come to collect the container and exchange it for an empty one, if wanted.

Upon arrival at our premises in Brecht, your load is immediately weighed using our calibrated weighbridge. We determine a correct price based on the weight of your scrap iron.

If we find different types of scrap iron, we will sort them at our premises. This ensures that you get the maximum return from your load.

After confirming the weights and a thorough check, we will deposit the total amount of your load into the bank account number you provided.

At Old Metals and Cables, we aim to provide a transparent and efficient container service, working together to process old metals in a sustainable manner.


You can easily contact us via email, phone or by dropping by our location. Let us know you need a container and discuss the size you require. It is possible to test this service on a trial basis.

Our vision

We believe that nature provides precious resources, and it is our job to use them in the most efficient way. Recycling is central to our approach, and we strive to support every customer to deal with old metals responsibly.

Eenmalig oud ijzer laten ophalen?

Schedule a one-time collection of old metals. Contact us by using the contact form and mark ‘old metal collection’.

Recycling consultancy

Need advice on which metals can be recycled? Request free recycling advice. We will gladly visit your company to analyze the waste streams.

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