Recycle your old metals and cables in Brecht at Old Metals and Cables. Bring small quantities to our centre or schedule a collection service for larger loads. Sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Metal waste recycling for businesses

Welcome to Old Metals and Cables, your reliable partner for metal waste recycling in Brecht and the surrounding area. As an industrial company, we understand that efficient and sustainable waste disposal is crucial to your business operations. That is why we offer customised collection services, specially designed to meet the needs of industrial companies.

Collection of large quantities of metal waste

At Old Metals and Cables, we specialize in collecting large quantities of metal waste from industrial companies. We understand that your production processes often result in significant amounts of metal waste, and we are ready to support you in recycling it responsibly. Our services include:

  • Free placement of bin or container: We offer to place a bin or container at your site free of charge. Whether it is scrap metal, old machinery or cables, we ensure efficient collection.
  • No rental costs: At Old Metals and Cables, we do not charge a rental fee for the placed bins or containers. You receive full proceeds from the recycled metal waste.

  • Flexible collection options: Whether you want metal waste collected once, on demand or at fixed times, we adapt to your schedule and needs.

Old Metals and Cables is known for environmentally conscious recycling of metal waste. Choose sustainability and contribute to a circular economy by having your scrap metal recycled with us.

Sustainable recycling with Old Metals and Cables

When you choose Old Metals and Cables, you choose a partner committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious recycling. Contact us today to discuss metal waste recycling options for your industrial business. We are ready to support your business in efficient and responsible waste disposal.

Other services for companies

Recycling consultancy

We advise how to optimise waste streams and maximize metal recycling at your company.


We break down your metal waste with the goal of recycling in mind.

Stapel ijzer

Metal prices continue to rise

Prices for scrap iron have risen a lot recently, which is why it is definitely a good idea to order an OMC container to have it recycled. Contact us to discuss options or request current metal prices.

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