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About OM&C

Our Story

To understand why we do our work with such passion every day, we take a moment to go back to when it all began in 2005.

Father C. Hanzen founded the company by collecting old metals. He started with a small trailer, and shortly after switched to bigger volumes and started collecting metals by trucks.

In 2021, Joery Hanzen and Marc junior Hanzen joined the company as we know it today: Old Metals & Cables.

2021 brought change

Joery Hanzen and Marc junior Hanzen joined the company and worked out additional handling processes for both small and large metal cables. Discover below the changes.

Bringing metals to OMC

Previously, it was only possible to have metals picked up by OMC. But since there was also an increasing demand to be able to deliver the metals in person, we made this possible in 2021.

For small quantities we have a special table, large quantities can easily be weighed on our motorway bridge.

Granulation machine

By investing in additional machines, we are now also equipped to automatically strip and crush small and large cables.

This allows us to help you efficiently, regardless of the size or quantity of the cables.

Ongoing optimizations

Of course, even today we are not resting. We continue to optimize processes and look at new possibilities.

We keep on trying to create the most optimal experience for you as a customer. For the reprocessing of both small and larger quantities of various metals.

By not just providing collection of old metals, but broadening the business process with recycling cables as well, the company contributes directly to a sustainable economy and ultimately to a better world.

In 2021, no less than 183662 tons of metal were recycled at OMC!

Our goal: Ensuring a greener future, together with our customers

2023: Big, bigger, biggest

Together, we have taken a significant step by moving to a more spacious site, making us proud to be the third largest scrap yard in Antwerp. Just 10 minutes from the E19 highway, we are easily accessible to everyone in our growing network.

As a team, we have completely converted our business to solar energy and rainwater, as part of our shared commitment to eco-friendly business practices. Our collective efforts extend far beyond the traditional recycling process.

Innovation in Tyre Recycling

banden depollutiecentrum

In 2024, we will launch our Tyre Depolution Centre, the first of its kind in Belgium. This will set a new standard in tyre recycling. We still export reusable tyres and recycle the non-usable ones efficiently. Thanks to advanced machinery, such as our pop machine that separates the rim from the tyre, we contribute to a more sustainable world.

In a world where tyres are seen as the least recyclable car part, we are leading the change together. At Old Metals and Cables, you don’t have to pay to have your tyres recycled; on the contrary, you even get a sum in return. Together, we believe that sustainability is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to create a lasting impact.

Sincere thanks to everyone who is part of our team. Together, we are taking steps towards a circular economy and building a greener future.

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