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Contact OMC for a cooperation during demolition work. We recycle all the demolished metal afterwards.

Demolition company and metal shop on one location. Discover the benefits for you as a customer & explore the options we offer below.

Old Metals and Cables, experts in demolition of metal structures

At Old Metals and Cables, we specialize exclusively in demolition works involving metal structures. Our focus is on the efficient removal of metal components, with the aim of sorting them immediately and recycling them later. As a result, we not only offer high-quality services, but also actively contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to demolition work.

Knowledge of separation techniques

Our specialised team has advanced techniques to separate metals directly during the demolition process. Whether it is large metal structures or cable waste, we ensure that all valuable metals are accurately identified and sorted.

Cost-saving and ecological

Through our exclusive focus on metal demolition operations, Old Metals and Cables not only provides high-quality services but also contributes to cost savings and environmental friendliness. Separating and recycling metals directly during the demolition process leads to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

In addition, our sustainable approach leads to better price quotes, which means customers not only benefit from quality demolition services, but also contribute to a more responsible and sustainable approach to metal waste management.

kraan doet metaalafbraak

Our commitment to sustainability

At Old Metals and Cables, we go beyond demolition work. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected at every stage of our work process.

Safety first

Safety is our top priority, both during demolition work and metal recycling. We implement strict safety protocols and strive for an environmentally friendly approach. Our commitment to safety and sustainability is reflected at every stage of our work process.

Efficient Recycling of Metals

After sorting the metals, we ensure that they are recycled responsibly. This sustainable approach not only helps reduce waste, but also helps preserve valuable resources for future generations.

Steeds de goedkoopste prijzen

Our combination as a demolition company and metal recycling business allows us to offer the most affordable prices without compromising on quality. The value of recycled metals is deducted from the cost price of the demolition work. Take advantage of our competitive rates!

Choose Old Metals and Cables as your partner for metal demolition projects and contribute to a more sustainable future. Not only do we offer specialist services, we are also committed to preserving valuable metals and taking an environmentally responsible approach to demolition projects.

Old metal collection

Schedule a one-time collection of old metals. Contact us by using the contact form and mark ‘old metal collection’.

Recycling consultancy

Need advice on which metals can be recycled? Request free recycling advice. We will gladly visit your company to analyze the waste streams.

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