Current metal prices

Current prices for cables & old metals

Our prices are based on the daily rates. By recycling metals ourselves, you benefit from the most attractive prices.

For large quantities of 500 kg or more, other prices apply, contact us for a custom quote with mention of LARGE QUANTITY.

Cable Recycling

We recycle all cables on-site at our facility, using the latest equipment. By recycling used cables, we turn these back into usable products.


Manual stripped cables € 7.10/kg
Peel cables cu 60% € 2.90/kg
Mixed cables € 2,20/kg
Iron Jacket cable € 1,20/kg
Plug cable € 1,20/kg
Lead cable € 0,90/kg
Ground cable aluminum € 0,20/kg
Ground cable copper € 1,30/kg
No-copper cable € 1,30/kg
Aluminum cables € 0,70/kg


Metal Recycling

We accept all types of metal. You can deliver metal starting from 1kg, for larger quantities you can use our container service.

Types of copper

Red Copper € 6,60/kg
Yellow copper; brass € 4.00/kg
Mixed copper € 6,00/kg
Bulex € 6,00/kg
Aluminum / copper radiators (cleaned) € 2,10/kg
Red copper swarf Price upon request
Yellow copper swarf Price upon request
Transformer copper € 6,00/kg


Aluminium (no cans) € 1,00/kg
Aluminum tire rims without rubber € 1,60/kg
Aluminum cans € 0,15/kg
Aluminum swarf Price upon request

Types of iron


Delivered € 0,22/kg
Collected less than 500kg Free collection
Collected from 500 to 3000kg € 0,18/kg
Collected above 3000kg € 0,22/kg
can € 0,18/kg



Lead € 1,40/kg
Zinc € 1,70/kg
Inox; RVS; stainless steel € 1,10/kg
Inox swarf Price upon request
Pewter € 9,00/kg

Electrical & electronic equipment

Printed circuit boards (all categories) € 0,50/kg
Refrigerators and freezers € 0,03/kg
Washer, dryer, … € 0,03/kg
Pc screens € 0,03/kg
Hard disk drives € 0,03/kg


Lead battery € 0,50/kg
Traction batteries € 0,40/kg
Ballasts € 0,40/kg
Transformers € 0,60/kg
Electro motors € 0,50/kg

“We accept and recycle all types of swarf, we examine the composition and give you a customized price.”

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